When I started naturopathy school, I knew I had found my people. It was amazing...the discussions, the ideas, the comfort, the instant friendships with people who "got me." After a weekend of class, however, it was back home to a world where my other people weren't quite as interested in herbalism, homeopathy, the emotion connected to this organ or that, and whatever else caught my fascination. It's really hard to NOT talk about this stuff for the month between classes...

And then I joined the Wellness Collective. This organization is a group of holistic healers -- from naturopaths, sound therapists, kundalini yoga instructors to reiki practitioners, craniosacral therapists and more. And every day, I was giddy with delight at the opportunity to be surrounded by these amazing people. 

I no longer craved school weekends as intensely, because I'd found myself immersed in these types of conversations all the time. I'd found my people at home. Sometimes my mind was blown. Sometimes I learned things that I could incorporate into my own practice. Sometimes I just appreciated that no amount of "weird" was ever, in fact, weird. 

Since, I've started connecting with other practitioners in the Grand Rapids area through my natural health column in Grand Rapids Magazine. Only a fraction of these interviews make it into print.

It's these conversations that inspired this podcast. This series is for those of who you may not have a tribe of like-minded people to connect with regularly. And for those of you who do, this is also for you, to continue taking in new perspectives.

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