The Podcast

Welcome to the beautiful, sometimes mysterious world of natural health. This is a podcast series of conversations with holistic health practitioners in Michigan.

Get a peek into the lives of holistic health practitioners: from personal and professional struggles to the remedies they use, perspectives in healing and a little bit about their mode of practice.

The Host

Kara McNabb is the host of The Secret Lives of Holistic Healers. She practices traditional naturopathy at Continuum Healing in Grand Rapids, MI, and focuses her work on the mind-body connection. In addition to naturopathic education, Kara has training in holistic counseling with Dr. Moshe Daniel Block and somatic embodiment and the Enneagram with Mike Cohen. She is currently studying herbalism with Jim McDonald. Kara is also a member of The Wellness Collective, an organization of practitioners committed to holistic health. 

Sidenote! I love the photo used for this website. Check out the rest of Maureen Long's work!